Zen is the philosophy of peace and tranquillity. Adding Zen elements to your décor creates an oasis of calm that helps you escape from the stress and pressures. ‘Less is more’ is the core idea of Zen design. It is minimalist in essence and focuses on natural elements.


These are some basics of Zen decor that help you bring harmony and serenity into your home –

  1. De-clutter – Clutter is a visual and in turn spiritual distraction. The first step of Zen decorating is to clean, clear and organise. Purge your home of all the unnecessary stuff you have been hoarding off. For the necessities, allocate spaces and hold them efficiently. Keep the countertops and table tops free of knickknacks
  2. Clear Electronic Disturbance – Constant access to electronic devices hinders our ability to relax. Have electronics-free zones in the home. Keep the electronics out of sight in well-organised drawers when not in use.
  3. Paint – Paint your walls with natural and earthy colours. Cool blues, soft pastels and sweet neutrals help to create a calming effect on both mind and body. Colours like grey, pink beige and pink bring quintessential Zen into your home.Zen Decor
  4. Light – Avoid strong and direct electric lighting. Use recessed lighting and table lamps to create a soothing environment. Aim to maximise the natural light available to you.
  5. Fabrics – Go for natural fabrics like cotton in organic colours for curtains, cushions bed sheets, etc.
  6. Furniture – Add wooden furniture with a simple structure and clean lines. Keep the furniture and decorations minimal and cohesive with the overall design.Zen Decor, buddha
  7. Scent – The scented candles and essential oils with mild fragrance augment the relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Zen decorations – These decorations help to bring the natural elements like earth and water into your home.  You can add indoor plants and table top water fountains to create a balanced and relaxing space. Buddha statue is another staple of Zen décor to induce an instant feeling of serenity.


When it comes to Zen a little goes a long way. So, start by carving out spaces in your home, where you can unwind and recharge at the end of a hectic workday.  In no time you will feel the difference it makes to your mind, body and attitude.