Interior Design Trends 2016 by Hutstory


Interior Decor trends always pose a dilemma to non-professionals.

Most of us feel it will be unwise to clutter our home with objects/accessories only to get rid of them an year later. Another factor is the cost involved. If you make major structural changes or a paint job just for the sake of trend, you will come to regret it when you outgrow it.

Does that mean decor trends are only to be admired in magazines ?

Definitely not !!

You may not be able to go all the way on every trend. But choose elements/adaptations that are best suited for your lifestyle and your pocket. Unleash your creativity and bend the rules to integrate them into your home. Don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines and try something new.

We are already halfway through 2016. Nevertheless, it is not too late to try out some decor trends from the year. We have observed 15  top decor trends from the first half of 2016. These have the potential to add value to your home.

Here are the Top 15 Interior Decor Trends from 2016-

1.Paint Colours

In 2016, decor has moved away from the saturated grey and black. The emphasis on rich and calming neutrals has increased. For the more daring decorators, rooms in solid bright colours is the option.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
Paint colour trends for 2016 by Rude Color

The paint colours to try out are – dreamy whites,Pink with coral and beige undertones,  rose quartz, peach, sunset orange etc will be right on trend. Intense and saturated colours like moss green and oceanic blue can be used to create ultra glamorous and striking spaces.

We recommend focusing on neutrals. This will give you more freedom  to fit in/ repurpose existing decor to the paint colour.

2.Statement Mirrors

This is a low investment design upgrade. The mirror also makes the room feel bigger and brighter as it maximises the light. This is a practical decor addition to small bathroom and narrow hallways. Add appropriate lamps and overhead spotlights to increase its appeal.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
Mirror with silver metallic accents by Elle Decor

Add a statement mirror in unusual shape and metallic frames to keep pace with the trend of 2016. We recommend using frames made from material like rough wood or black steel depending on the theme you are going for.

3.Geometric Patterns

Bold and masculine geometric patterns are a great option to add visual interest. This can be an ideal focal point if your home has minimalist decor.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
Geometric wall pattern in subdued hues creates a calming nursery on tourjer designs

If you are feeling adventurous then use the pattern in floor tiles or wall tiles. You could also use it in an accent wall. If you are a bit cautious then use furniture and light fixtures with unusual lines,

We recommend adding fabrics and art with geometric prints for the uninitiated. Use bright colours and bold patterns to make the decor pop.

4.Bold Light Fixtures

Light fixtures that are focal point of the room are trending in 2016. A striking light apparatus can bring instant glamour to any room.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
A sputnik chandelier in gold tones adds instant glamour to designer Vincente Wolf’s  dining room

Keep the size of the light proportionate to the size of the room and height of the ceiling. If the room is too small use a cluster of lights create the effect.

We recommend ditching old school/elaborate chandeliers for sleek and modern pieces. The ones with metallic or gold accent will work well with the modern/contemporary look.

5.Artisan Way

Year 2016 has continued the emphasis on handmade artisan pieces. This supports the local craftsmen. You also end up with decor that is unique to you.

Interior decor trends 2016
Terracotta planters in vibrant colours and unusual shapes for your garden by spaces & garden

Getting a made to order piece gives you greater freedom for design and customization. If you want a design that reflects your individuality, artisan products are the way to go. If you are aiming for the traditional/vintage Indian decor, handcrafted interiors are the best fit.

We recommend using hand woven fabrics in curtains and throw pillow covers. Get accessories like metallic vases and wooden bureaus hand crafted by artisans.

6.Metallic Accents

 Metallic accents like gold, silver, copper, are a continuing trend from the last year. Add the metallic accents in accessories (example faucets, knobs) or decor elements (example -photoframes, flower vase).


Interior Decor Trends 2016
Festive decor with copper vessel and floating candles by araswamy

Remember to use a restrained hand. While integrating metallic accents balance is crucial. If you go overboard, you end up with a room that looks like a 90’s villain’s lair.

We recommend taking advantage of the festive season. Use copper and metallic accented utensils and diyas in decoration. With lights and flowers it will add the right feel.

7.Jewel Toned Accent Walls

Jewel tones add a feeling of instant glamour and Luxe. While they overwhelm when used as the base colour, they are amazing option for accent walls. Avoid using these in small spaces or rooms with inadequate sunlight.

Interior decor trends 2016
Navy blue accent wall complemented by fuochista toned fabrics by Brit & Co

The colours like amber, sapphire,  amethyst, ruby,  emerald in rich jewel tones are the accent wall trend of 2016.

We recommend using accessories like light fixtures in bright gold to up the glamour quotient. Use furniture and fabrics in complementary matte tones to keep the space balanced.

8.Technology Free Rooms

Have you ever felt like you are constantly surrounded by technology  and never switch off?

Interior Decor Trends 2016
A TV free living room on settingforfour

The hectic pace of our lives and relentless connectivity can aggravate the stress on us. Tech free trend aims to move away from this. The aim is to create a space where you and your family can relax, without constant beeps of mobile phones and TV blaring in the background.

Tech Free room can be a great addition in the light of  today’s lifestyle. This is one trend from 2016 that we recommend strongly.

9.Mix n Match of materials-

Wood, glass, chrome, steel – all are welcome in 2016. Gone are the mono accessorised spaces. Mixing n matching to create visual interest is in.

Interior decor trends 2016
A mix n match kitchen with marble countertops, wooden cabinets and chrome appliances on

This trend is on spot for the kitchen. A mishmash of chrome appliances, steel sink and textured wooden cabinets fits right in with your lifestyle. Contrasting materials can still create a cohesive space when used in right balance.

We recommend adding high end kitchen appliances with chrome and black steel finish. Industrial themed kitchen island with wooden counter top and steel pipe legs will be a low cost and practical addition.

10.Eco Conscious

The increased emphasis Planet Friendly Lifestyle planet friendly lifestyle has had its effect on interior decor. Use of eco friendly materials and sustainable architecture practices are being given their due. The aim is minimise the harmful effects on our consumption on the environment.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
This antique cabinet serves as a handy nightstand with its wide counter space and tons of character on DIY

To bring in this trend use the natural materials like cotton in fabrics. Use locally sourced materials for furniture.

We recommend repurposing of furniture (For ex. upholster an old chair or convert a cupboard into coffee table.).

11.Open Living

Gone are the days of formal separation of spaces. We are living seamless and integrated lives. Accordingly our living spaces have become open and multifunctional.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
A Living cum dining cum kitchen on Boutique Home

Spaces have become open and interactive in 2016. best reflection of this trend is the open living, dining and kitchen. If you entertain often this trend is spot on for you. It will help you overcome space constraints in urban area. You will als0 be in constant touch with guests even while prepping/tidying up.

We recommend adding open shelves for airy feel in the kitchen. Streamlined storage spaces will minimise the clutter and save you the blushes on the arrival of unexpected guests.

12. Indoor Gardens

Add greenery and bring the nature inside. Having an indoor garden fits right in with the ecological conscience and organic living focus of 2016. Plants bring freshness and create a relaxing atmosphere. They also clear the air of many toxins.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
Use of interesting planters in the indoor garden on ihidrousa

The plants to use are succulents (like cacti) and bright tropical plants. Make sure that you choose plants best suited for your climate. Minimal care will be an added bonus.

We recommend using marble planters for colour and texture contrast. 

13.Florals Accents

Flowers are in !! Bright and bold floral accents create a feeling of eternal spring in 2016. They are great for adding pop of colour and old world charm to your home.

Floral curtains in soft pastel bring cheer into the home office of
Floral curtains in soft pastel bring cheer into the home office of inspiredroom

Use floral pattern in fabrics. Use paintings and prints with bright florals around your home. You could even go for pastel coloured flowers on a neutral background if you want to keep the effect sublime.

We recommend creating  centrepieces with bright and colourful flowers. Use a vase with metallic accents to combine 2 favourite decor themes of 2016.

14.Spa Like Bathrooms

Updating personal spaces is a definite focus in 2016. Bathroom is the perfect opportunity for experimentation in this area. Being small spaces, the bathrooms can be decorated with the most stringent budgetary constraints.

Interior decor trends 2016
A spa like bathroom with marble accents on decorpad

Soft fluffy towels, rich gold or burnt copper faucets, soft grey backsplash, luxurious tub, potted greens – all create the atmosphere of a zen like spa in your bathroom. Add  a small wooden stool for seating. Keep fragrant oils, sweet smelling soaps, moisturisers neatly organised in trays.

We recommend adding rainfall style shower head and soft glow lights .Using scented candles for aromatherapy will be the ultimate de stressor.


Marrying functionality with aesthetics is a major theme for 2016. Decor is all about pieces that multifunction yet are not an eyesore.

Interior Decor Trends 2016
A sliding door saves space in the dining room on remodelaholic

Sofa cum beds, beds with storage, bunk beds, pull out tables, the treadmill desk etc are in vogue. This trend is tailor made for the small urban spaces.

We recommend, sliding doors/barn doors for a space saving addition. Extendable tables are another option for large scale entertainers.