Dubai being one of the most beautiful cities of current times has a lot to offer to the world of travellers and backpackers. The palm islands that hold ground in Dubai is made of multiple islands joined to give the shape of a palm tree. The palm islands are incredibly mesmerising and breath-taking. This glorious sight of an artificial group of islands is categorised into three:

  1. Palm Jumeirah,
  2. Palm Jebel Ali and
  3. Palm Deira.


To uphold the beauty of this place in your minds and hearts, visit these islands with a bag full of aspirations and excitement and see the secrets unfold with a star in your eyes.



1-The massive and beautiful piece of architecture can be seen from the space:

They claim to be the largest man-made archipelago in the world with the ‘oh-so’ mesmerising geometry, unique shape and the massive scale of the project. It is considered one of the few islands that can be seen from the space.



2-The eighth wonder in making:

The palm islands are often referred as the eighth wonder of the world. Palm islands can be boasted to be UAE’S one of the best few attractions. These islands have been home to beautiful architecture and better town planning. They have extravagant restaurants and café’s to satisfy every hunger that you ever felt with the beauty and the delicious food that they have to offer. They are the world’s largest artificial islands.




3-Natural resources are optimally utilised:

The palm islands are one of the few places in the world that were made mostly using the natural elements present in the vicinity. They were built entirely using sand and rocks (no concrete or steel used at all). The sand was gathered from the cost of the shore of Dubai to keep it eco-friendly. The project took just four years to yield and utilised 12 million pounds of rock and more than 53 million pounds of sand.


4-A perfect package of adventure awaits you:

The biggest of the group of islands is Palm Deira and it is host to the most luxurious residential area and restaurants that can be compared to the best of Dubai’s. It offers residential townhouses, in addition to marinas, sports facilities and shopping malls, exotic spas and what not. The smallest is Palm Jumeirah which is considered as a perfect spot for recreation and leisure. Palm Jebel Ali, the third in the series, is almost 50% bigger than Jumeirah that will offer entertainments for both adults and kids. So here is the perfect package for all.


palm jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jebel Ali
Palm Jebel Ali


5-A perfect palm:

The Palm Island as famously known is built in the shape of a palm tree with a trunk, a crown, 16 fronds and a surrounding crescent. These fronds are made by connecting a group of islands. However, this island was not a wish that came true out of nowhere. There were about 100 studies done prior, in order to define the feasibility of the project.


palm island top view


6-Trivia : Palm Island is not actually an island:

Palm islands are known to be formed by connecting three islands together. But the true fact is that this island are connected to the mainland by a bridge and hence it is not an island.