Our homes are an extension of ourselves. If you are a movie buff and want your home to say that about you, there are many ways to go about it. Having movie related posters on your walls, having a CD collection, etc. are ways to achieve that. But out of all the most gratifying and audacious will be owning a well set up home theatre system. Home theatre is becoming a signature statement for many home-owners similar to other luxury statements such as a terrace garden, Jacuzzi or an imported wine dispenser.

Here we have come with the necessary steps one should go through to implement a low-budget but an elegant home theatre system in their home.

1. Planning

plan for home theatreFirst step is to plan a proper layout of your home theatre. List out your preferences on items such as the size of TV, type of speaker system, lighting requirement, type of seating etc. Surf the internet for different designs and most importantly, hire an interior designer if you want a correct guidance.
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2. Decide on the space

vacant bedroom for home theatre set up_800x600Now that you have a layout, decide which room/space of the home you actually want to convert into a home theatre. Most people would not have considered the requirement of a home theatre while building their home their buying an apartment. Best option in such cases will be to convert a bedroom which you are not using right now into a home theatre. Consult with your family members and interior designer to reach a conclusion.

3. Paint it all, the ceiling and wall.

home theatre paint_800x600

Now that we know where we are going to create our marvellous Home theatre we need to choose the colour that according to you will best suit the ambience of your home theatre. Be it any colour (preferably neutral flat colours in the grey, black and brown family) the end motive is to give you a thrilling experience at your home and after all it’s the game of colours.

4. Now, it’s time for Wallpapers.

home theatre wallpaper 4_400x400 home theatre wallpaper 3_400x400 home theatre wallpaper 2_400x400 home theatre wallpaper 1_400x400

Your home theatre will get its rich look only if you choose the wallpapers wisely. Pick from the best available options, the wallpaper that compliments the colour of your home theatre in the best possible way.

5. Acoustic System

home theatre speakerThe sound quality is what sets the home theatre apart from a hall with a TV. Two items of consideration here are the receiver and speakers. Speakers are selected mostly on the basis of personal preference and seating arrangement. Consult a technician to provide you with the sound system that will be perfect according to the space of your Home theatre.

6. The best part- Choosing the screen.

home theatre screen_800x600This is the most important element for your Home theatre. There are two options to consider. You can go for a projector and screen to get a movie theatre experience. Thus getting a bigger screen. But then the clarity will take a hit. This is more of a personal choice. If you are planning the space just for you and your family, then go for a wide LED screen which will give you an unbeaten experience in your own personal home theatre. Also, choose the correct lighting over the screen.

7. Selection of Cabinet

home theatre cabinetNow that you have a home theatre screen and the sound system you got to have a place to keep them altogether. So look for a cabinet that not only matches the colour of the room but also compliments the theatre system.

8. Flooring

flooring ideas_800x600Why should only walls look elegant? Make your floor also look splendid. Instead of marble flooring go for a soft flooring. One benefit while designing the home theatre is that it can be different from the design elements of the house.

9. Finally, Select the seating for your lovely theatre.

home theatre seatingSelecting the pushback theatre seats or 180 recliner seats can be too mainstream and monotonous. Go for something different. Like selecting a sofa set or may be 3 to 4 small couches.

There You go, You mini Home Theatre Is now Ready.