It becomes a bit frustrating when you open your fridge and see your herbs slowly wilting. It seems that you can’t do anything about it but to throw them in the bin. But wait; give it a second thought, what if you can grow your own herbs!

For those who may think that gardening is difficult, let me give you a different view. Gardening is not just about labour. All that requires is some very basic skills and tools, and you are good to go make your own herb garden. But the first question that would strike your mind is how to grow it in small space?  Well, it’s not that hard as it may seem!

Basic Requirements

    • Good quality soil,
    • Pair of gloves, and
    • Small spade (a spoon would also do if the container is small).
    • Manure (if required)

Initial Steps

How to plant the herbs in 3 easy steps: –

  1. Spread an even layer of soil at the base of the container (depending on the height and area of the container).
  2. Sow the seeds or an already grown herb plant and place it in the soil.
  3. Top it with some more soil (ensure the roots are below the upper layer of the soil).

Note: – Place the container where the herbs can get enough sunlight.

Ideas for Indoor Herb Gardens

Here are some ideas for having a herb garden in your kitchen which would not only save space but would also jazz up your indoors.



All you need is a wooden plank and necks of plastic cola bottles. It serves both purpose of recycling and beautifying your kitchen.coke bottle based herb garden

It is advisable to construct this on a level above the sink or in kitchen balcony as there will be some water dripping. To be more creative, one could also paint the bottlenecks.



This is similar to having shelves in your kitchen; the only difference is having herbs instead of utensils.

horizontal container for herb garden 1 horizontal container for herb garden 2



We all have some crockery that is old and of no use. But don’t just throw them away! Teacups, bowls, etc. can be of great use for growing your herb garden in the kitchen without occupying much space. Isn’t it amazing!

White colour cups provide excellent contrast and an elegant look. Antique looking cups would also work.

tea cup herb garden



These are the basic containers that everyone has in their kitchen. Well, some carpentry work maybe required but it spices up the look of your kitchen.

tin can herb garden for indoors

Painting the tin containers with gold or bronze colour and labelling them with herb names gives a cleaner look than when using the tins as it is.

Mason jars never go out of style. One can also just place them at the kitchen window pane, but if looking for something new then, placing it vertically on a kitchen wall works wonders!



This is easily available online or in any gardening shop. Even if it’s quite simple in looks, it doesn’t fail to give your kitchen space a different identity.

fabric based herb garden for indoors

After looking at these above ideas, for sure, your brain must have already started running in directions for some ideas of your own. Well, get working on it! And don’t forget to label the herbs.