Most of the Indian crowd lives in the soulless city apartments. Blessed are those who have a garden space of their own. If you are among them, then here are seven ideas to make your garden ‘neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride’.


Plan a Fairyland entrance

They say the first impression is the last impression. Make a delightful entrance to your garden which will make people head towards nothing but your garden. Have huge pine trees or trees with colourful flowers at the entrance which makes it like a path to a fairyland. If you do not want to use huge trees go for antique gates for the entrance with a covering on the top and colourful flowers.
arch entrance for garden 


Greek Pillars for Walkway

Add to the natural beauty a tinge of height with the pillars that have a design of ancient Greek times. The pillars will take off the eye of people from the ground to a level up which will also leave them in wonder and surprise.
Greek pillars inside a garden


Artificial Lake

This is probably going to leave people gaze at your yard for a very long time. This is a very classy way to utilise the space in your garden. Plus it will give your garden a marvellous look like never before.
beautiful lake inside the lawn


Hut in the Mud

One of the most impressive ways to leave people talking about your garden is building a cute small hut in your existing garden. It will definitely have people’s eye toward your Garden.
hut design for gardens in india


Swings and Seatings

If you have a tiny yard then an ideal thing for you is to have a comfortable swing. And if you think that swings are not your cup of tea then opt for a very nice seating place in your garden.
seating area in garden


Have a Place for Fire pit

Sometimes you wanna chill with people at your place but don’t wanna stay indoors in the cold nights, consider having a fire pit. Probably that is the best idea for you to have people, beer and your own outdoor fire pit. What more could you ask for?
Fire pit for starry nights


Relax under the stars

Yes. I am talking about the garden bed. A blissful night, sky full of stars, surrounded by the trees and a bed to lie under that sky. Could you be more close to nature? The cutest way to celebrate weekends at home this is the most interesting idea.
sleeping in your garden

Do you feel you lack some morning exercise with nature? Or do you feel like chilling with a hot cup of coffee in the Rains? Are you looking for a place to spend some quality time reading a book? You don’t have to go anywhere for this because you can convert your garden into one of the most beautiful places in your home. If you have a different idea on what to do with your garden, please share it with us at