Space has always been an issue when it comes to city apartments. We are constantly in search of furniture that would occupy less space, or something that even if used, will not make the room look crowded or cluttered, but instead make it look bigger and more spacious, and will also be in keeping with the current trends.

These are some ideas that will definitely give your room a more spaced-out feel to it.


Multipurpose Storage Furniture

Some examples of furniture of this kind include –

Pull-out Sofa-Cum-Bed
Pull-out Sofa-Cum-Bed
Convertible Furniture Set
Convertible Furniture Set
Such pull out mirrors are suitable for bathrooms as well as for replacing the dressing table in the bedroom.
Such pull-out mirrors are suitable for bathrooms as well as for replacing the dressing table in the bedroom.

Mirrors on the Wall:

Mirrors give an illusion of depth. They make the room look bigger. They can be placed in any room as they serve both utility and decorative purposes.


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Get Rid of the Rugs:

It is okay to not have a rug if the room is small. The visibility of the floor will make the room appear larger. Rugs are for rooms that are already big enough.


Rugs are for rooms that are already big enough.

rug less room

Light Colors on Walls and Floors:

Using lighter and softer wall colors can actually create the illusion of a bigger space. Go for lighter shades for walls, floors, and the ceiling instead of using dark shades.


white colored wall for making it look big

light colored wall


Keep Furniture Away From Walls:

To create a sense of larger space, maintain some distance between the furniture and the walls.


space between furntiures to make room look good


Show Legs of the Furniture:

Doing so creates more roominess. Keep it low-profile but stylish. Bulky furniture eats up the space and is not suitable for a small room.


legs of furniture makes room feel spacious

spacious room with open furniture


Avoid False Ceilings:

A false ceiling decreases the height of the room, making it look smaller. To make a small room look big, focus on the height. Instead of a false ceiling, you can hang vertical lights to create more height.

No false ceiling at home if the room is small
vertical lights makes room appear taller


So, here are some ways that will definitely work to make a small room look big without compromising on the style. Don’t forget to try them for your home.