We are all in the race for buying or possessing something gigantic and beautiful.

Now, why do we do that, to get attention or to attain inner satisfaction? The answer is both. When we buy a new house, the ladies of the family want a beautiful, enormous well-furnished kitchen so that this can be the talk of the society for days to come.

But are you really in a need of such a big kitchen? Or is the kitchen too big for your home?

Understanding kitchen triangle

kitchen triangle inside various kitchen layout ( source : fennlydia.files.wordpress.com)
kitchen triangle inside various kitchen layout ( source : fennlydia.files.wordpress.com)


Wikepedia defines kitchen triangle as

The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. These three points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle.

There are also various rules of thumbs to look at when designing your kitchen. Interior designers use the kitchen work triangle principle when designing residential kitchens

  1. No leg of the triangle should be less than 1.2 m (4 feet)or more than 2.7m(9 feet)
  2. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 4.0 m (13 feet) and 7.9 m (26 feet).
  3. Cabinets or other obstacles should not intersect any leg of the triangle by more than 30 cm (12 inches).
  4. If possible, there should be no major traffic flow through the triangle.
  5. A full-height obstacle, such as a tall cabinet, should not come between any two points of the triangle.

Making sure the kitchen triangle guidelines are followed takes care of most of the problems.

Other GuideLines for your Kitchen Size

A kitchen is a place that needs open space to move around and to do chores. At the same time, the size of an ideal kitchen also should be decided according to the size of the house. According to the studies done by some great architects and interior designers, an aisle of no more than 36 inches with a countertop on either side is optimum.



The experience of making a meal becomes ideal in a kitchen, where you can turn way to oven, another way to the cabinet, then to the refrigerator and finally back to the oven, and the overall activity is seamless.


The whole concept of taking eight spaces between the cabinet, prep space and then having a gigantic sink is very tiring. The idea of having cabinets on two opposite sides of the kitchen makes things more cumbersome than making it easier for the chef.


Now depending on the size of the house, the size of the kitchen varies and that is well understood so far. Starting with the width of any kitchen, preferably  an island kitchen, the standard rule is between 2’ to 4’ wide. The 2’ width s at the premium and the 3’ width is more agreeable. You also don’t want you kitchen to be too wide that you get a black hole area where no man can reach while working.


The national kitchen and bath association recommends no more than 26 feet between all the appliances mainly the stove, the sink and refrigerator, with ‘no single length of the work triangle shorter than 4 feet or longer than 9 feet’.


It is also advised to balance your needs versus your wants. You might want warming drawers and a fancy crockery cupboard in the kitchen, but if you cook occasionally and your idea of an entertaining night with your guests means a night in the town, do you really need them? Be realistic about what you will and won’t use, and cut down on costs.

Whatever be your floor plan, make sure you abide by the guidelines mentioned above while designing your kitchen


5 popular kitchen floor plan. Credits : http://www.kitchen.eu.org/
5 popular kitchen floor plan. Credits : http://www.kitchen.eu.org/



The principles of universal design are simple. The space should be comfortable to work in regardless of the age and ability. Taking simple things like the counter heights or the door size of the basin height in mind can solve a lot of problems. It makes a dramatic difference in who can use the kitchen and who cannot.

So keep it simple and enjoy the luxury.