India, a wonderland of green-grassed meadows and brown-earthed fields and scorching blue skies, of rustic old roots dug deep into traditions, with borewells here and handpumps there, is evolving day-by-day into a new nation, a nation with glass buildings and skyscrapers, a nation with modernism crawling over the streets and seeping into the air, birthing discos here and nightclubs there. An aerial collage of twinkling lights and dark stretches of silence.
India, a miracle of ironies and contraries, with its expansive fields and jam-packed flyovers, with its dry and morose landscape and its coastal cities, where it is either too hot to drink anything other than water or it is too rainy to step out of your hearth and home.

India, simultaneously populated and empty, with its overworked youth and overcrowded buses and trains, with its vacant late nights and lone flickering streetlights.
India, hailed as the world’s best producer of whiskies and rums, with its Old Monks and Royal Stags dancing alluringly in the dreams of the people, enticing them with promises of lowered inhibitions, enchanting the happily inebriated with vows of a getaway to a world where fantasies come true and consequences don’t exist.


How it all starts?

Unfortunately, however, the universe will always conjure up hindrances to obstruct your path.

  • You might decide to hop into the cozy little pub a few blocks from your workplace, and be reminded of chores to do– a house to clean, grocery trips to make, or bedsheets to buy.
  • You could be asked to stay late to finish some extra work, or you could have to leave early because the pani-puri you ate yesterday made you sick.
  • You may be dreading bumping into your neighbors while smelling of alcohol, or you may be wondering how you’ll get home at all– after all, you wouldn’t drive, obviously, and public transport is unsafe at night even when you’re sober.
  • Your mother could call you and ask you to pick up the almonds that she sent via speed-post, or it could suddenly begin to rain, or you might be too tired to even press your foot onto the floor without the contact sending shivers of piercing pain throughout your whole body.
  • You may hate the throngs of people dancing at clubs and discos, the flashing lights and the thumping music, or you may be the only one free in your friends circle.
  • Or, horror of horrors, you might belatedly realize that you absolutely cannot leave your toddler alone for more than two minutes without him completely wrecking the house to shreds.
  • Oh, or even worse– you might discover that it’s Tuesday, not Friday, and there’s no way you can travel two hours away to a bar just to drink without cursing the rest of your miserable week.



This is probably the sort of phenomenon that adds to a sense of worldly solidarity because this happens to everyone at least once in their lives.


Perhaps this is it, you might think. I’m destined to a dry life. Maybe I was a horrible person in my past life. Maybe I was a… bad singer, or something. Sigh.


But no, fear not! Because right then, an idea strikes you.
As you’re sitting there at your window, sighing philosophically at the city lights beyond, your gaze comes to rest at the wall opposite to you, the wall that you’d decided you would renovate eighteen months ago but is still lying bare and white.
Hmm, you think. What if I bought a nice shelf– or a cupboard, or a nice little fridge– and stocked it with my own collection of liquid, bitter warmth?
And voila! All your late-evening, rainy-weather, what-will-the-neighbors-think, will-my-child-cause-a-hurricane troubles vanish, just like that! Because the idea is genius, you can have your own bar– a mini-bar, because houses are small–at your own house, with the alcohol you like and the glasses you like and oh lord, the music you like!


Ok. Now What?

If you were nodding along emphatically and are wondering how to go about this mastermind of a plan, look no further. For we have some brilliant and easy designs for you, handpicked from the finest sites on the internet.


As all plans go, first of all you obviously need to find a space and accordingly decide what you want to do with it. Do you want just a small fridge? Or a shelf that you can nail into a wall? Do you want to turn a bland table or an old cabinet into something new and fancy? Or do you want to turn your dining table into a cool counter?
There are several hundreds of things you could do, starting from:


1. Revolutionizing coffee/dressing tables.




credit: pinterest.
credit: pinterest.

It’s not necessary to follow that design– art and creativity are liberating, after all– because the core idea remains the same: just take a small dressing table or a coffee table, stick some attachable wheels to the undersides of its legs, and there you go! Additionally, you can decorate it with anything you like: the fairy lights that we use during diwali, you can paint the table with reds or blues or neons or woody shades, you can stick wallpaper or giftwrap to add a touch of color, or you can stick old newspapers on it to make it feel vintage.


2. Mini Fridge to Mini Bar

If you plan to have a mini-fridge, you can place it on an aforementioned movable table or on a stationary table as well, and then you can go ahead with the decorations– paint the fridge, decorate it with magnets, line the top of the table with glasses and lemon squeezers and fancy toothpick umbrellas (for this, just stick a toothpick through a colorful cupcake wrapper).


3. Transform cabinets or shelves into chambers for your stock!

This probably used to be a normal bedside shelf for books or other items, but it’s a beauty now. It’s easy to make, all you’ll probably need to do is some nail-hammering and painting.



This might’ve been a proper wall bookshelf in its previous existence, and again, all you need to do is wield a paintbrush. If you’re looking to turn your bookshelf into a minibar but don’t want to take it off the walls, you can keep it on the wall and go ahead with the transformations.



If there’s a cupboard you don’t like for some reason, or one that you don’t need for clothes, then take off the doors and voila! Minibar!


4. You can align your dining table against a wall shelf to create a proper counter…

credit: pinterest.
credit: pinterest.

You can bring in bar stools and hang up fluorescent or dim lighting, whichever you prefer. You can arrange snacks and board games on the table, or you can play trivia night while sitting around in the quietude of your house.


Gorgeous Home Bar via Instagram
Gorgeous Home Bar via Instagram

Have fun with different combinations of furniture: vintage cabinets with wooden tables and chairs, or chic shelves with glass tables and sleep metal stools. It’s all up to you!


5. … Or you can reinvent your in-wall storage areas.

credit: pinterest.
credit: pinterest.

There is no limit to all the possibilities that you can explore. All you need is the will to create something new, and passion!