What are the most common home décor mistakes we make in the name of decorating to our heart’s content?

Imagine. You enter your home after you just re-did the décor and something still doesn’t sit right. You think over it for hours but can’t figure out what it is that’s stopping you from saying, “Yes. This is it!”

It may not be something missing but rather something done wrong. Or overdone. But cut yourself some slack! You’re not a professional decorator after all, it’s pretty common for people to fall prey to decorating mistakes.

Cluttered Photo Frames



Limit the number of photo frames. It just becomes congested and is not appealing at all.

But if you just can’t part ways with those captured memories (or art!), then contain it. Make it stand out in an elegant manner.

Length of the curtains



Curtains should always be floor length. It doesn’t matter if it’s a French window, a bay window, or a slider.
Floor length curtains create an illusion of increased length and openness. The more flow-y material, the better.

Matching Décor



Matching everything is boring. It makes your home look dull and drab.

There needs to be some color to break the monotone in the room. Pop some color in or just add some accents. Make it more fun and attractive. Let your personality shine!

Wrong sized furniture

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Too big or too small furniture throws us off, simply because we’re visually inclined to love balance.

Always choose furniture which is in accordance to one another, and to the room area.

Rug it Right



Generally, rugs should touch your furniture, i.e., it should be anchored to the furniture.

However, if your room is really small then you can, and must center it.

Artificial Edibles



Fake fruits, flowers and plants can never match the charm and appeal of real ones. They look tacky even.
Place real fruits in a wired basket or a shallow bowl.

Too many pillows

Too many pillows


Couch and beds are meant for sitting and sleeping. Do not overload them with pillows. It looks too hoity-toity and gives a feeling of you trying too hard to make a statement.

Use trendy but minimal pillows.

The above are to name a few. If you notice anything in your décor that you don’t feel is ‘You’? Tweak it, change it, get rid of it! Your home is your domain, don’t get influenced by extravagant ideas of what you think ‘should be’ and you won’t commit these home décor mistakes. Your kingdom, Your Rules.