Decorating one’s home is an excellent way to freshen up both your mind and space. Hutstory has collected 18 inexpensive ideas for upping your room’s style quotient.

1. Get an Indoor Plant

Getting an indoor plant is a great idea to improve the look and feel of your room. Bonsai trees are a good option. If you are looking to add some greenery to your room, other options are English Ivy, Peace Lily, Snake Plants, etc.


To Note: Be sure that you take care of the lighting and water needs of each type of plant.
Approx Price : Rs 300 – Rs 1000

2. Get an aquarium for your hall

A small fish on a big bowl for interior decor Betta, Black Moly, Neon Tetra, etc. are among the costlier fishes which you can have in your room. The easiest and best option would be getting Goldfish. They are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.


To Note: Freshwater pet fishes are easy to maintain. But you should still learn about the food and water requirements of the type which you are buying.
Approx Price: Rs 800 – Rs 1000 for a goldfish plus fish bowl combination

3. Make your room fancy with LED bulbs

home decor using led bulbLED bulbs give an elegant look to your room. The ambiance will totally depend on your selection and how it matches with the current settings.


To Note: Always have a basic idea of what you want in mind. An LED light bulb which looks good in the shop may not match your room.
Approx Price: Rs 50 and upwards

4. Buy a painting from a local artist

wall painting decor below rs 1000Most Indian cities have shops which sell paintings and craft works from local artisans. These look marvellous on the walls and come at very attractive prices.


To Note: Based on the paint used or the popularity of the artist, the cost of the painting varies. Check around before you buy.
Approx Price : Rs 500 and upwards for 15″ x 20″ x 0.5″ frame

5. Fancy Wall Clocks

wall clocks below 1000 rs for Indian homesFancy wall clocks can fit in many places. They look fabulous if placed just above your sofa, or on that empty wall space or above your door. If you are a creative person who is into designing decor items, then making a beautiful wall clock is a must follow DIY activity.


To Note: Examine how the hook points are arranged, at the back of the clock. You will have to drill your wall accordingly.
Approx Price : Rs 300 – Rs 1000

6. Frame photos and arrange it on your wall

Print and frame photos on your wall under 1000 rupees Your old photos would look great if printed, framed and arranged on the wall. Do some online research; you can find many good ideas available on how to organize photos on the wall. The best part of this mode of home decorating is that you can rearrange the whole set-up a month later, and the whole room will look different. Keeping more than five photos at the least and differently sizing them is recommended for better effects.


To Note: If you are confused about the final look, go for black and white photos with thick dark frames. They never disappoint you. Once you are comfortable with these, then you can try different combinations for another room
Approx Price: Rs 500 and upwards for six photo frame set. Photo printing costs will be extra.

7. Use Wallpapers behind Cupboards

Using wallpapers is a costlier way of decorating your room or hall. But there is a hack if you are on a budget. Use the wallpapers only behind the cupboards. Depending on the size of your cabinet, you should be able to squeeze the total cost under Rs 1000.


To Note: Try to use patterns which will stand out from the wall design. At the same time make sure, that the items you place inside the cupboard are also prominent.
Approx Price: Rs 1000 and upwards

8. Decorate with books like never before

Books and Magazines can be used as home decor items. Books are better when it comes to this. Get your old books, bind them up, and use as a stand for your flower vase. Or you can buy new books and arrange it on the shelf.


To Note: Showcase the books that are in sync with your personality. Don’t display a book only because it is famous. The entire idea of interior designing is to match the interiors of your house with your aspirations and personality.
Approx Price: Zero if you already own the books

9. Antique Bottle Display

You could buy antique bottles for almost nothing. Even in decor shops, these are priced cheap. Artistically aArranging them will give an alluring look to your room


To Note: Consider the general setting of the apartment and pick bottles which match to it.
Approx Price: Rs 50 and upwards based on the number of bottles required

10. Say it with a Bean Bag

Having a bean bag in your room, not only gives additional resting option but also adds glamor to the room. A bean bag will give a casual look to your room.


To Note: The original purpose of the bean bag is to sit or lie on it. Don’t buy a bean bag only because you loved its color
Approx Price: Rs 700 and upwards

11. Candles for your bedroom

Decorative candles are available in the market at inexpensive prices. They are best for adding a romantic touch to the room. If you are also planning to burn them rather than just display, then buy the scented candles.


To Note: You can purchase a candle holder to keep the candles or use some vintage bottles or boxes for the same.
Approx Price: Rs 300 and upwards depending on the size and aroma

12. Botanical Prints

 It is very easy to get a botanical print done. And the advantage of making a floral print is, that they are unique. Get a dried or fresh leaf, plant or flower and give it to local decor shop for framing.


To Note: The color of the cardboard and the frame you use should match the back wall.
Approx Price: Rs 300

13. Bamboo Chairs and footrests for your room

Bamboo chairs and footrests can be purchased at a low price. Don’t go to designer shops if you are on a budget. Drive slightly outside the city and you can see lots of decor shops along the road. The items displayed in these shops are equally good and at most times you get them at half the price.


Approx Price: Rs 400 and upwards depending on size and design. You could even get mini footrests at Rs 100.

14. Use Shells to give the room a classy look

Next time when you are hitting Goa for vacation; do not come back without buying those beautiful looking shells. You have no idea, how marvelous those pieces will look in your dining room or bedroom.


To Note: Don’t think much. Buy everything you like :)
Approx Price: Rs 50 to Rs 350 for a single piece

15. Wall Stickers for your child’s room

Wall stickers can be used in any room. It may affect the classy look you were trying to maintain, so use it with care. But in your child’s room, with no doubt, wall stickers will enhance the liveliness.


To Note: Check with your kid before you paste stickers in his room :)
Approx Price: Rs 1000 and upwards

16. Musical Instruments as Decor Item

Do you know that there are so many musical instruments that you can buy for less than Rs 1000? And all of them will look wondrous if used for home decor. To start with, you can opt for a drum set or a guitar. And because these are musical instruments, they get good resale value. So next time when you feel like changing the appearances of the room, just sell them and buy something new.


To Note: To have more effect, you can also arrange old video cassettes or music CDs along with the instruments.
Approx Price: Rs 800 and upwards. If budget is not a problem for you, then you could experiment a lot with musical instruments in your rooms.

17. Get a Buddha Statue

This one is my personal favorite. Tranquilence is what the Buddha statue will add to the surrounding. The figurines come in various colors and materials. Pick according to your taste and budget, but the thumb rule is bigger the better.


To Note : You will be amazed at the variety available when you go out shopping for a Buddha. Again these statues have some religious undertones associated with them, so be respectful.
Approx Price: Rs 500 and upwards. Again there are many available varieties and prices of each mostly depend on the material used. Don’t be surprised when you see a statue for 5 Lakhs.

18. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are back in trend. You could use them as it is or for keeping other decor items.


To Note : Check online before you go to a local store. The pricing and variety could be better online.
Approx Price: Rs 500 and upwards.