Pests and mosquitoes need no other dwelling if you have an untidy home or unclean locality nearby.
It is mandatory for you to keep a check of everything. To avoid pests and mosquitoes, all you need is a little guidance.
So, why don’t you make a checklist of the following steps given below?

Regular gardening

When you don’t trim your hair you gather dirt and when you don’t trim your garden you gather moss and harmful pests. Make it a point to clean your garden and cut the grass and unnecessary trees at least twice a month.
trim garden to remove pests and mosquitoes


Eliminate unnecessary wood piles

These little pests are smart enough to hide under the wood piles because obviously you can’t reach there easily. Make sure you clear all the debris and leftover wood piles at your home. This will help you avoid pests.
remove wood piles to reduce pests and mosquitoes


Schedule regular Inspections

Make sure you schedule a regular inspection as some of the pests might still want to stay in your home even after all the precautions that you have been taking.
schedule pest inspection at home


Use Lavender to chase away Mosquitoes

This is something that you people might not know. Lavender has a beautiful fragrance. Because of its strong smell, it becomes difficult for mosquitoes to stay in your home or even bite.

essential oil and lavender flowers



Seal holes in windows and doors

Pests are always looking for opportunities. Even if they find a small hole in your window or door, they won’t miss that one chance to enter your home. So seal the holes as soon as you spot them. As they say prevention is better than cure.

seal holes in wall hut story


Close windows with velcro net

To avoid mosquitoes from entering your home, use these nets because it has tiny holes for air to pass through that will keep you home ventilated and mosquito free.

velcro mosquito net from coimbatore