Flooring is of great importance when it comes to interiors and probably the first thing that is undertaken when re-doing the interiors. Well, it is sometimes not focused on much but one cannot imagine what difference flooring can make. It’s like giving your home a new identity.

before and after flooring


Indian households usually have common white or off-white flooring for all the rooms. But isn’t that boring? It’s similar to watching a black and white movie. So here, we have a come up with some flooring ideas for each room that you can keep in mind if renovating and looking for something fresh and out of the park.


Living Room Flooring

italian white floor marble white marble flooring Italian marble flooring is always a win. It’s a crowd pleaser. It portrays spaciousness and lavishness. It is ideal for living rooms.




Wood has its own charm! Rustic and chic at the same time is how you describe it.

Tip- If the living room is small a matte look is preferable, for a large area a glossy/polished would look better.

For style statement, a carpet in the centre would bring an extra wow!


Kitchen/Dining area Flooring

Dining room flooring

But then again, regular tiles!

Having a pattern going on or a pop of colour would definitely enhance the look.


Bathroom Flooring

Pebble tiles are in fashion. It is not only something more related to water but also work against the friction. If looking for something simple yet effective stone tiles is something you’d like. It’s classy!

bathroom pebble flooring Bathroom pebble flooring


Bathroom blue tilesBlue colour can suit any bathroom. It can never go wrong! To do something interesting, mosaic tiles always works. There are many patterns available.

No matter how small or big is your bathroom; these flooring styles will never go wrong.


Bedroom Flooring

laminate flooringSoft pattern laminate flooring is modern and quite trending nowadays. Plus, you are not restricted to the stereotype designs.


white bedroom flooring

White flooring is great! But don’t forget to add some colour to give a wave of freshness. A dark colour rug, colourful cushions or a statement furniture piece of a vibrant colour.


bed lightsBed lights! This is something new and something that you don’t get to see that often.


Balcony Flooring

Artificial Grass Flooring in Balcony interlocking modern deck tiles for balcony

Artificial grass is affordable, simple, and out of the box. No one would ever think of having it indoors, but it is beautiful!

Deck tiles have always been a favourite. It is a perfect example of achieving style with minimum hustle.


Go ahead… Get floored!!