Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan located on the Ishim River. The city is full of weird yet eye-catching architectural pieces in its lap. Astana became the capital of Kazakhastan in 1997 and is known for it’s peculiar style of consructions. The city holds the title of the world weirdest capital city, and it has a good enough reason to the ‘why’s’.


astana with all the entertainment


1-Middle Age Remains and Bozok

Archaeologists have found objects that speak of their origination from the middle age, Bronze Age and even early Stone Age. There are buildings and pieces of rare architecture that have survived the slaughter of time. One such piece is Bozok. This ancient settlement has been built eventually from the ruins to the capital of Kazakhstan. And Bozok still holds its true essence.




2-Home to the white house

The presidential house of Astana is built after taking a lot of inspiration from the white house. The architecture and the fine work is all on point and hence gives a dream-like prominence to the presidential building.


Presidential palace Ak-Orda, Astana, Kazakhstan


3-One of the largest mosques in Asia sits in Astana

One of the largest mosques of Asia, The Hazrat Sultan mosque is a part of the famous architectural pieces of Astana. This mosque can accommodate more than 10,000 people at a time and caters to all the modern requirements of today’s time. The Hazrat Sultan is a beautiful piece of art and huge in itself with separate rooms for weddings, ablution, Koran reading etc.

hazrat mosque


4-Mysterious shapes of buildings

Astana is famous for their weird shaped buildings. It has a concert hall in the shape of a budding flower, a flying saucer-shaped circus, an extremely tall tower in the shape of a giant lollipop. These strangely futuristic structures not only add an element of surprise and fun to this city but also provide every sort of entertainment and necessity that one yearns for in the modern world.

khan shatyr - the largest tent



Khan Shatyr (the largest tent)

centre concert hall

The Center Concert Hall(the budding flower)


5-The Baiterek Tower :  City’s symbol and its visiting card

Baiterek tower is a 105 m tall building that has an observation deck at the height of 97m that provides a bird’s eye view of the city. This number (97) is so chosen because this is the year when the capital of Kazakhstan was shifted from Almaty to Astana. This building accommodates an art gallery, a large aquarium and a restaurant.




6-The eternal life rotation building

Taking inspiration from Azat Boyarlin’s design, a fountain named ‘LIFE TREE’ was constructed in the year 2000. It was named ‘Chupa-Chups’ due to the alike shape. The fountain has animal figures on all the four sides and all the animals have the head of a dragon that symbolises wisdom. This construction reflects the eternal life rotation.




So take the best experiences from the best cities. It’s a city to be visited once in a lifetime.