Angkor Wat, Cambodia is a interesting destination filled with stories and rumors behind them. The temple complex was built by Khmer King Suryavarman in the 12th century.

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With all the ruling facts and the underlying mystery, this place has a lot to offer to make you go ‘WOW’.


Angkor Wat was once a Hindu temple.

This temple was originally made in the honor of lord Vishnu, an Indian deity, but around the late 13th century this temple was converted into a Buddhist temple. Till date, Buddhism is worshipped and practised here.




World’s largest religious monument:

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and is visited by thousands of followers everyday but it couldn’t make it to the new list of the Seven Wonders of the World.

However, this site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.

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A Tourist Hub:

Angkor Wat is visited by an insane amount of tourists every single day out of which 50% are international tourists. Cambodians are very proud of this temple and hence they have put this temple on their national flag as a symbol of Cambodia. Cambodia is the second country in the world to do that.

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Angkor Wat was once painted:

Many tourists are unaware of the fact that Angkor Wat was once fully and beautifully painted. But due to weathering and the climatic changes the paint wearied off and now there are only some traces of the paint left on just a few temples.

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The walls of Angkor Wat tells stories:

The walls of this temple are filled with Hindu stories and the story-telling style is highly unique. The fables and the myths illustrations are a way to read the origin of the Hindu religion and the origin of this temple as well.




The temple’s front faces west which is anti-religion:

The direction in which this temple is made is considered highly nonreligious in Hindu religion and almost all the other religions because it is considered the direction of death. However since this temple faces the sunset, the sunlight in the evening that falls on its face makes it one of the most beautiful sights in this world.

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It’s a crime to miss a site as beautiful as this. So pack your bags and get ready to see this beauty by your own eyes.