Why are they important?

Doors form a necessary part of every residence and building. They are the links and connections which conjugate two spaces, not entirely! but in a controlled and desired manner. Doors allow physical movement.



  1. They are reversible- You can keep them open, you can keep them closed.
  2. You can even control approximately the amount of privacy you want to leak by determining the proper location and size of these openings.
  3. Doors are such strong elements of the house. They direct the course of your movement, an easily pliable way or a slightly tedious one? These small psychologies often dominate your decisions and therefore actions.
  4. To achieve optimization, one should be able to realize the requirements of the situation and recognize the kind of design of the opening that would manage to fulfil the requirement.
  5. Now when you have your functions optimized, you can look around to see ways to improve the look-a crafted woodwork or colored glass or reliefs.

How to locate your doors?

  1. To obtain adequate air circulation in the form of cross ventilation, two doors if located in the same room should be located in the opposite walls facing each other.
  2. Doors should be adjusted towards the corners of the wall to save the privacy of the room.
  3. The number of doors in a room should be kept to a minimum number in order to optimize wall space and floor space.
  4. Doors should not hinder the functional requirements of the room.
  5. Shutters generally open inside the room.
  6. Location of the room itself determines door location.

Size your door opening

The size of doors should be determined by the thumb rule which says that it should be big enough to let the largest object supposed to pass through it.

Types of doors (in their raw format)

Batten ledge (braced/ framed/ braced and framed) doors:

A Batten Ledge Door (interior)
A Batten Ledge Door (interior)

These types of simple doors are used for narrow openings. They can be used for rough handling. They are installed especially in places where the economy and not the look is the priority.


Framed and panelled doors:

Framed and panelled doors- Right one partially glazed, left one
Framed and paneled doors- Right one partially glazed, left one

This is the most common type of door found in most buildings. A timber frame of rails and stiles receive the panels. Often these doors are partially or fully glazed.


Glazed sash doors:

Double shutter metal framed glazed sash door
Double shutter metal framed glazed sash door

Used in residential as well as public buildings to allow supplementary lighting and also with a view from the adjacent room or corridor. Door can be partially or fully glazed. These doors are often termed as French Doors.


Flush Doors:

Internal flush door
Internal flush door

They recently gained popularity owing to simple construction, durability and high strength. They are used in public and private buildings due to their pleasing appearance. They cost cheaper than paneled doors hence have often replaced them. Flush doors come under 3 types:


  1. Hollow core flush door-a pair of cross veneers covers a wooden structure inside. The inside is mostly hollow.
  2. Cellular core flush door– an elaborate cellular frame which is partially hollow forms the interior. It is covered by pair of cross veneers.
  3. Solid core flush door-The interior is solid made of long strips of wood pasted together or a particle board fitted inside a frame. This too is covered by veneering.

Fly proof doors:

A fly proof door coupled with a folding doo
A Fly Proof door coupled with a Folding door

Similar to any other door except for the fact instead of panels or glass we have wire mesh. Usually, these doors are coupled with some other kind of door.


Revolving doors:

Revolving Door
Revolving Door

Revolving doors provide entry on one side an exit on the other at the same time simultaneously. They are installed on places where there is a continuous flow of traffic. Revolving doors are energy efficient as they do not hinder the thermal conditions of a building as much as other doors do.


Sliding doors:

Interior sliding door
Interior sliding door

These doors can be opaque or glazed. They generally are used in public buildings where optimization of floor space is a necessity.


Swing doors:

Swing Door at a Shop Front
Swing Door at a Shop Front

This kind of doors is also found in public as well in private buildings and they open in both ways. These doors are glazed so as to avoid accidents, since they open both ways.


Collapsible coupled with glazed metal door
Collapsible coupled with glazed metal door

These doors provide air, sunlight and visual relationships but prevent physical transportation of a large body. Used in verandahs and godowns.


Folding door: 

Glazed Folding door overlooking a Beach
Glazed Folding door overlooking a Beach

These doors are mainly used for large openings. The door comprises of longitudinal strips. The strips fold like a Japanese fan when the door is opened and straighten out when closed.


Rolling steel shutter doors:

Rolling Steel Doors at a Shop Front
Rolling Steel Doors at a Shop Front

Used for show windows, stores, shop fronts and godown. It is like a steel curtain and provides protection against burglary and fires.



Mild steel sheet doors:

Rolling Steel Doors at a Shop Front
Rolling Steel Doors at a Shop Front

These types of doors are recommended for goods shed, garages and godowns.


Fire check doors:

These doors are mainly used to delay the spread of fire and are designated in terms of time. This time indicates the maximum amount of time it can keep the fire away.


Go creative with your doors

Doors are not only openings. They also serve as a canvas for creativity. Design your door ways to splash your ideas and convey the kind of feelings you want to.

A Wooden Front Door
A Wooden Front Door

The main door

The main door is a very important element of the house. It is a notable feature of the elevation of your house and the primary obstruction against any kind of vandalism.

If you are a resident of a flat it is the only external element of your residence and the major source of privacy and protection. It serves to tell apart your residence from the several others. Therefore it is important that one pays enough attention to design it. It should not only look pretty but also serve its primary purposes.

  1. The main door should be made up of sturdy material so that it is not easily surpassed. Often people combine metal collapsible with a wooden door.
  2. Use of glass should be avoided.
  3. Doors should have attached, locks of good quality and strength.
  4. Doors should be provided with peepholes especially in apartments.
  5. The outside of your should clearly mention at least your name with preferably your address.
  6. Appropriate calling bells and knobs should accompany your door, nobody likes thumping.

If you have a gaudy door, like one made of expensive wood coupled with exquisite woodwork, you have to do little. Just keeping the appropriate name plate and knobs will do the work. However if you door is a simple one you can always make it look better with a brush of your creativity.

  1. You can hang beautiful bells in addition to the usual electric bell.
  2. Hangings, traditional or funky improve the look.
  3. You can also try out graffiti.


Front Doors featuring Pastel Shades
Front Doors featuring Pastel Shades


Color of the main door has also been found to have psychological effects.

  1. Yellow door is a mark of warm welcome.
  2. Red is a sign of passionate hosts.
  3. Purple marks creativity
  4. Pink marks mischievousness.
  5. White, grey and black are always aristocratic and neutral. Try out the greyed tones of colors like green, blue, earth and yellow if you want it less vibrant.

Color should always be selected keeping in mind the dominant shades of the elevation and landscape.

Conflicting shades are often recommended for front doors because it makes them bold.

Interior Doors

Interior Doors should fulfil the conditions of privacy.

Very dark shades should be avoided if the door space is not large. Black interior doors should be employed only if the door occupies a substantial area.

Glazed Door with Colored Glass
Glazed Door with Colored Glass

If you have very simple doors get them colored in shades of white and light greyed tones. You can also try out glass paintings or coloured glass.

If you have got beautiful views adjacent to your residence use large glazed doors with thin dark coloured frames. Folding doors or Pocket doors can be installed covering the entire area.

When a door is your shelf.
When a door is your shelf.

Doors shutters eat away a lot of your carpet area. However, you get a compensation when the door doubles up its purpose, especially when its storage.

Any space can be made interesting by installing a creative door.

Good Luck!