When it comes to cafe architecture, architects and designers always try to outdo the works done by their peers and predecessors. The main reason being cafes are places where there are maximum footfalls. Thus, getting a cafe designed uniquely and captivatingly will give its designer maximum exposure. Hutstory has compiled a list of such 8 incredibly designed cafes in the world.


1-Bar Topolski (London, UK):

Bar Topolski, a renowned cafe in London,  via its interiors and design pays homage to its former resident, polish born artist and illustrator Felix Topolski . Awarded ‘Best London Bar’ in the 2014 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Bar Topolski gives us an opportunity to appreciate the art history while enjoying the ‘oh so’ tasty food.




2-Salvaged ring cafe ( Vietnam):

Salvaged Ring Cafe is situated along the highway in the countryside of Nha Trang in Vietnam. a21 studio conceptualized and designed this unique coffee house. The owner was a local carpenter and he had a big stock of scrap wood which accumulated over his years of working in carpentry. He wanted to give those scrap woods a new life and a21 studio succeeded in fulfilling his wish. This cafe was shortlisted for 2014 wood excellence award.

Salvaged ring cafe Salvaged ring cafe



3-Cafe Ki ( Tokyo, Japan):

This minimalist cafe in Tokyo has the most appropriate name. KI means a tree in Japanese. Table legs stretch up to look like tree trunks and branches. Customers use these steel poles to hang hats and coats. Designed by Japanese Office Design Id, Cafe Ki gives the customers the feeling of sipping coffee in a dry forest.

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4-East beach cafe ( West Sussex, UK):

East beach cafe is designed by Thomas Heatherwick for his clients Jane Wood and Sophie Murray. The whole structure is situated on a seaside and has a very natural feel to it. The exterior reflects a piece of driftwood and other seaside silhouettes such as sand dunes and shells. The interiors involve roller shutters to keep the cafe safe when it is closed. Apart from being known for their delicious food, East beach cafe also won many awards including the acclaimed national architecture price from RIBA.

4 44



5-Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)

Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe is considered as one of the most relaxing cafes ever. As the name suggests, all seats in Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe are Hammocks. You could sit in the hammock, have your snacks and coffee. And if you love the experience and want to own a hammock for yourself, the cafe also sells all varieties of hammocks.

5 55


6-Dreamy Camera Cafe ( Yangpyeong, South Korea):

Park Sung-hwan and his wife Kwak Myung-hee, built this uniquely designed cafe next to their home. They wanted to build a place where people trying to realize their dreams could come and share their story. Park’s love towards photography and vintage camera was the inspiration for theming the cafe in such a distinctive way. In Park’s own words he described the experience as,”My wife and I wanted to build a place where anyone could share their stories and help out those who are struggling to discover or achieve their dreams. The idea for a camera-themed cafe came later”.

7 Dreamy camera cafe


7-Jury (Victoria, Australia):

Do you ever felt like going to a prison to have a cup of coffee? Jury Cafe in Victoria, Australia can give you an experience close to being in a prison for having your lunch. This judicious café used to be a prison before it started working professionally as a café. Designed by Biasol Design Studio, the café is still sitting on the perimeter walls of the Pentridge prison, which before it was decommissioned in 1997.