The world is a box full of new designs and blooming perspectives. When you are looking for luxury, these design perspectives matter a lot. Quite often, a house’s luxuriousness gets judged by the lavishness that can be seen in its bathrooms. Thus the commode that mostly stands in the corner becomes one of the most important elements in making a lifestyle statement.

We have the perfect set of five commodes that will make you look successful and rich without even spending a lot of cash.


1-Wall hung toilet:

This commode is a design from Art Ceram. This luxurious and stylish piece is a perfect piece for any master bathroom. With the rounded corners and a polished finish, it gives your bathroom a posh touch without even doing anything. This commode is made out of durable, stain and acid resistant ceramic. This toilet is very strong and is suitable for daily use. This commode has a very long life span hence gives your bathroom a luxurious finish for years.



2-High efficiency toilet:

This toilet is an advanced form of an environment-friendly commode. The new 550H toilet which is known to possess, ultimate comfort and agreeable hygienic functions that are expected from a posh or luxurious toilet in a grand hotel. This toilet has an advanced water-saving dual flushing system which makes it unique.



3-Block toilet:

This toilet is a design from Art Ceram. This one is a modelled version of a basic commode and has both style and comfort. The angular edges and the definite composition make it look crisp and attractive to any viewer. It adds variety and style to the newly built master bathroom and keeps it modern. It is very sturdy and stable and can be used on a daily basis without worrying about its durability.



4-Urban toilet:

This toilet is a full stainless steel toilet that adds sleekness to your bathroom and hence your house. This toilet is a design from Neo-Metro. Its elongated bowl and the built-in cistern tank makes it a suitable model for a residential bathroom.



5-One piece toilet:

The Legoto one piece toilet is from TOTO and is very elegant and elite. It is a low profile toilet which is round on the corners and has a one piece design. This is made from a durable, sturdy and easy to clean china that is used mostly for daily use.



With all these elegant toilet designs, there is nothing that can stop you from giving an elite look to your house without even spending a fortune. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to shop.