We have all dreamed of living in a home that is the perfect marriage of design and functionality. It is not possible to live in a picture perfect home all the time. But you can definitely bring in elements that lend your home an air of sophistication and comfort. Updating the decor according to your mood, seasons and inspirations, etc. will keep your home fresh and inviting. This will also provide good scope to let your creative juices flow.

In the age of world Wide Web, inspiration and ideas are only a click away.  Blogs have been a great medium for many decor enthusiasts for sharing their interior decor adventures. These blogs are an excellent source to get practical and functional design ideas.

Here are 25 Indian Decor Blogs, which will help you get your ‘decor on’

1.Rang Decor -By Archana

Indian decor blog, Rang Decor
Archana’s living room decorated with vintage Indian woodwork on Rang Decor

Archana started this blog as an archive for her interior design ideas and inspirations. The exhaustive blog reflects her deep interest in decor – be it during her vacations in offbeat spots or Home Tours of her readers. She has a very relatable voice and brings to the fore little ordinary things that can add character to your home. Don’t forget to check out her Spring Home Tour.

2.Design Decor and Disha – by Disha

Indian Decor Blogs, Hand Painted Tray
Hand Painted Tray by Design Decor and Disha

Disha is a self – confessed ‘artist at heart and designer in making’. This blog emphasises and showcases Disha’s creativity – specifically in painting and artwork. If you are someone who loves to bring your home to life with paintings this blog is a great one to follow.  Don’t forget to check out her informative posts on Indian Art and see her Artwork and DIY adventures.

3.All Thingz Beautiful – By Neha

Paper Mosaic Mirror
Paper Mosaic Mirror by All Thingz Beautiful

This blog is the space where Neha explores her passions – which include painting, pottery, crafts, gardening, home decor, travel, exploring nature, etc.  Her Home Tours contain a great selection of Indian themed interiors. DIY enthusiasts can get some good ideas from her Creative Endeavours series. She even designs earrings under her brand shopAraish.

4.An Indian Summer –

Indian Decor Blog, An Indian Summer
Indian home featured on An Indian Summer

This is a blog chock full of inspirations. This blog discusses in depth the various decor elements and has useful Brand Reviews. Get inspiration for your home in her Eye Candy section. Don’t forget to check out her posts on Maps to get ideas for adding a quirky twist to your home.

5.The Key Bunch – By Sharon

Upholstered Coffee Table, Indian Decor Blog
Upholstered Coffee Table by Key Bunch

On this blog, Sharon shares her eco-friendly and socially responsible lifestyle and decor style. Perusing through her Home Tours section gives great insight into pure Indian design. Tour her Living room to see how she has built cohesiveness among the furniture pieces and accessories collected over the years. This blog is a great source of inspiration if you want to create a warm and colourful home.

6.Rajee Sood -By Rajee Sood

Decor by Rajee Sood, Indian Decor Blogs
products by Rajee Sood

This is the blog by interior designer and curator Rajee Sood. She aims to create a home that is exquisite, stylish and very personal. She has her own Line of Products that are heavily inspired by Indian Heritage. In her, at the workshop section, you can have an insight into her design and creative process. She even has a classy DIY section.

7.Celebrations Decor –

Festival Decor, Indian Decor Blog
Festival Decor by Celebrations Decor

This is a blog that celebrates Indian design and architecture inspirations. The blog has a great collection of old south Indian homes for the lovers of classical design. Her posts on festival decor can give great ideas for refreshing your home for celebrations. If you are seeking inspiration from the decor of a bygone era, a visit to this site is a must.

8.Dress Your Home – By Lakshmi Nagarajan

Dress your home, Indian Decor Blog
Antique clock at Dress Your Home

This is a very relatable blog by Lakshmi Nagarajan that aims to help the readers to create a feel good home – clutter free and comfortable. It has a very handy DIY section which offers a bevvy of ideas to personalise your home. Check her Home Tour section to see renovated homes that have successfully incorporated a contemporary living space. In her shopping section, she shared her favourite products and sources.

9.Cherishing Spaces – By Vasudha Narasimhan

cherishing spaces, indian decor blog
table setting by Cherishing Spaces

Interior Designer Vasudha Narasimhan is inspired by the natural world and human interactions. On her blog, she shares the most creative aspects of her design. These posts on wall decals on ceilings  and stencilling  perfectly encapsulate her design philosophy of mixing modern and classical elements. She often showcases her work from real homes and her mood boards which can be a good source of decor inspiration seekers.

10.Sajavat – By Sangitha Anand

Indian Decor Blog, Sajavat
Story Box – A travel souvenir on Sajavat

Sangitha Aanand is “an Engineer by education but a Design Enthusiast at heart”.  She is a self- confessed homebody and her blog reflects her interest in painting, embroidering, gardening, cooking and reading.  Her blog offers a host of doable ideas for the  Gardening enthusiasts. A terracotta lover, she has penned many posts on pottery – making and use in design. Her travel souvenir section will definitely give some inspiration for your next vacation.

11.All Things Nice – By Shalini Pereira

Indian Decor Blog
A house tour on All things Nice

If you are someone who loves design in general and can’t stop looking at zillion inspirational spaces, this is the blog for you. Shalini Pereira shares her design stories, home tours and love affair with food & travel on this blog. Check out the colourful and eclectic homes on her My space My style section. Even her travel diaries highlight unique architectural features. She also gives a great account of design exhibitions and symposiums she attends.

12.East Coast Desi – By Sruthi

Indian decor blog, east coast desi
Workspace of East Coast Desi blogger

‘Fervent blogger’ Sruthi shares her home decorating experiences and experiments on this blog. Her Real homes – Real designers section is a must read if you are looking for real life Indian design inspiration. A tour of her Home clearly demonstrates her philosophy of global design and Indian expression. Sruthi’s Portable garden is a must try if you love indoor gardens

13.Art n Light – By Vineeta Nair

Indian decor blog, art n light
A painting project by Art n Light

This blog by Vineeta Nair has something for everyone. Check out the blog’s project section for real life decor inspiration. The Home Tours featured on the blog have a heavy Indian influence. The travel section features larger than life and inspirational architecture from around the globe. The blogger says she aims to bring art and light in every aspect of her life and work. The blog has several personal posts, which will resonate with readers and help to connect with her design aesthetic.

14.Very Rustic – By Sneha

Indian Decor Blog, Rustic
Rustic Internal Courtyard featured on Very Rustic

If you are looking to bring some homespun yet elegant options into your home, this blog is a must visit. Check out the DIY posts on Bangles and Indian dolls in her New Finds section. Her DIY  section will please the true rustic with its delightful posts like Pillows made with Lungi. If you are feeling nostalgic, Sneha‘s Home Tours section lets you take a walk down memory lane.

15.Saffron and Silk – By Kamini

Indian decor blog, saffron and silk
Colourful pots on Saffron and Silk

This blog by Kamini showcases the Indian influence on her home decor. Her love of colour and bold textures is reflected in the designs and architecture she shares on her blog. If you love bright, colourful spaces with heavy Indian decor elements, her blog can be a real inspiration to you. Check out her Home and see the interesting use of bangle stands and black and white photographs.

16.Aalayam Inspiration – By Deepa and Supriya

Indian Decor Blog, Alayam
Diwali Decor Inspiration on Alayam

This blog is the confluence of ideas and inspiration of  Deepa and Supriya. The blog’s incredible India posts can make anyone and everyone fall under the spell of Indian influence. The exhaustive Home Tours section will meet the needs of the most exacting design explorer. Going through the blog will stimulate not only the decorative aesthetics but intellectual, culinary and visual ones.

17.Something Special – By Aditi

Indian Decor Blog, something special
A painting from ‘Krishna’ series by Something special

Aditi’s (an artist and jewellery maker) blog clearly exhibits the influence of her globetrotting years. Homes old and new section features sprawling mansions from a bygone era. If you are a frequent entertainer, her tablescape section will help you invigorate your next gathering. Her design aesthetic is rustic in essence and helps to bring warmth into the interiors. Don’t forget to check out her artwork while you are on her blog.

18.Whats Ur Home Story  – By Vidya

Indian Decor Blog, Whats your home story
colourful decor on Whats Ur Home Story

Vidya‘s blog shares her creative adventures around her home. Her design style is transitional with Indian Roots. Her exhaustive tutorials section covers gardening,  DIY,  art  and  furniture makeover. Check out the ‘Namaste’ pillow on her couch while you are on her home tour. Try her DIY cork coasters  to bring in the bohemian look.

19.Preethi Prabhu – By Preethi Prabhu

Indian Decor Blog, Preethi Prabhu
meeting room with vintage touches by Preethi Prabhu

For Preethi Prabhu, The blog is the online journal to record her journey with the design. Her Budget DIY section is a must for every true blue DIY enthusiast. If you want a better-organised office, head to organiser section. Her blog also has detailed posts on heritage architectural buildings.

20.Colours Dekor – By Patricia

Indian Decor blog
Indian Inspired decor featured on  Colours Dekors

This blog is Patricia’s  journal about her home, the colours she loves and the zest to make it look stunning. She loves bold colours and Indian themes. Her Home Tours section features homes that are in character with her design aesthetic. If you are looking to bring in uniquely Indian design elements into your home, refer to this blog.

21.Ethnic Indian Decor –

Indian Decor Blog, Ethnic decor
Chai time on Ethnic Indian Home

This blog offers a dose of Indian culture and its integration into the blogger’s home. The blog is inspired by vibrant colours and ethnic handicrafts. The Home tours are also centred heavily around vibrant, colourful ethnic decor. If you love designing with knickknacks and artefacts displayed around the house, this blog will definitely inspire you.

22.Trumatter – By Rukmini Roy Kadam

Indian Decor Blog, TRUmatter
Plaster of Paris T light holder by Trumatter

If you are enthused by contemporary Indian decor, this blog is the perfect fit for you. ‘India chic’ is the world that sums of the design aesthetic of the blogger, Rukmini. Her Balcony makeover and Tips for maintaining whites  posts are both inspirational and informative. Her DIY posts have an industrial vibe and fit well with the theme.

23.Cherish Dream Live  – By Nayana Donga

Indian decor blog, dream cherish live
Flower arrangement on Dream Cherish Live

If you love gardening and enjoy decorating with colourful flowers this is the blog for you. The blogger Nayana is a traditional girl but often gets pulled by modern elements. Her home Tours reflect the preference for eclectic style, with an undercurrent of Indian heritage. You will love her kid centred DIY section – this post on DIY chalkboard wall will be worth checking out.

24.Housedelic –

Indian Decor blog, housedelic
A home tour on Housedelic

This bl0g is a community of  *fiendishly* house-proud people, who share their ‘creative adventures in house decor’. If you are decorating on a budget, their Makeovers and DIY section is ‘the’ place for you. The Home Tours featured on the blog are colourful and decidedly Indian in design and essence. If you are looking for quirky accessories, head over to the Inspiring designers section of the blog.

25.My Dream Canvas – By Anu

Indian Decor Blog, My dream Canvas
Home decorations with vintage accessories on My Dream Canvas

This blog is a chronicle of Anu‘s everyday thoughts on design and decor.A tour of her Home reveals a clutter free (almost zen) design aesthetic with rustic hues. The blog features several Home tours for your inspiration. Her posts on Silver collection will have you rummaging through the attic. Her love for vintage accessories and decorations shines throughout the blog.