In my ancestral home, I saw big king size beds of vintage style. I heard those were made with valuable wood and carved with horns. Many old houses still use such vintage style grand beds, often with pillars, which, perhaps is older than the elders of the house. Yes, indeed these were so durable and classy.

But, today we have many options while choosing a bed. From grand classy ones to foldable and interchangeable beds; space savers to showy piece of furniture, accentuating the décor of your sweet home.
Here we shall have a quick look at these different kinds of beds, categorised by their utility and build.

Different Types of GRAND BEDS


King-size-bed-types-and-designs-1000x600These are grand beds, with prominent carves and designs, mostly made of wood. It is also a vintage style bed which can give a classy look to your home. It will never go ‘out’ of fashion, and can fit well in contemporary and modern bedrooms. These are mainly made of wood but can also be made from steal and leather. This type of bed is quite common in Indian homes and you can also count it as a safe choice for your new, modern home.


four posterThese are 16th century beds which still look royal and classy if fitted in your master bedroom. Made of wood and engraved, four posters are those large beds with that special feature of long pillars at four corners of the bed. It consumes little bit extra space but can be used as a multi-utility bed. It goes best with the antique decors and you can add complementary furniture to complete the room décor.
These days four posters come with detachable pillars, which can be fitted/removed as per need.



Canopy beds belong to the family of four posters. The feature which distinguishes canopy from four-poster is the appearance. In canopy beds, fabric is fitted in the upper panel of the bed, supported by those four pillars, which gives an extra cozy and dreamy feel to your bed. These beds are ideal for the themed bedroom and look royal if it is perfectly fitted. These are mostly made of wood.

canopy 2




half tester 2Half tester is also a form of canopy bed, but again it differs in its appearance. A fixed panel is fitted at the head side of the bed (which doesn’t cover the full bed). Fabric is fitted to the panels which creates a look of private space and makes your bed cozy. This is an old style grand bed not popular in modern days but can be used to get an anglicized look.



platform-bed-Panel or platform beds are simple sleek beds. These light weight beds are made mostly of wood and without any extra design, which makes the bed quite light weight. The wooden plank gives flexible support to the mattress and serves the basic purpose of a bed- a place for sound sleep. But that doesn’t make the bed less beautiful in any way; rather it is the best option for modern homes. It goes well with the room décor and one can change the look with maximum flexibility.


storageStorage beds are hassle reducing solution where scarcity of space is a problem. These are wooden beds with an equal size storage place below the bed. The storage space can be used to store mattresses, pillows and the essential things. One can choose the style of storage space according to his/he need. Some large storage beds are fitted with ottoman gas lift system, to help in lifting the upper plank of the bed, while others have multiple small drawers where things are stored separately.


divanDivans are the beds with the base touching the floor. Divan beds are made of 2 main parts that join together via a bracket. Wood is used to create the base of the bed. And the base sits on the floor directly. Divans became popular because of the storage space they provide because of the base. Divans come in many sizes, but mostly are small. It is a smart solution when it comes to a small bedroom and inadequate storage space. The base plank is made of wood while the body can have variety of choices – wood, steel, etc.



sofa-beds--11Sofa bed, as the name suggests is a convertible bed. It can be used as a sofa during normal hours and can be converted into a bed whenever needed. This piece of furniture has a drawer, fitted with mattress below a regular sofa. It can be used as a guest bed and can be kept at the living room.


futonOrigin of futon beds is in Japan and Korea, where it is a custom to sleep on the floors. Futon beds are padded mattresses which can be folded according to need. The more enhanced form of futon comes with a wooden or metal frame to carry the futon mattress and to keep it above the ground. These cozy mattresses are laid on the floor during seeping hours and can be folded and converted into a sofa during normal hours. Or they are folded and kept in the cupboard. This is very apt for bachelor homes in India.



Bunk-Beds-4Bunk beds are getting popular in Indian homes. They are the best option when you plan to make a separate kids’ room. Bunk beds serve as space saver. On top of it, the look of the kid’s room is improved. It can accommodate more than one person. These are widely used in hostels and at places where many people are to be adequately accommodated. It’s a playful style bed and materials used for building it can be- wood, steal, ply etc. bunk beds are made by adjusting detachable beds in layered form and has a stair o climber to each the upper bed.
Another type of bunk bed is the loft bed where the floor space is kept fee and a bed is adjusted at the mid-height of the room with the help of supporting stairs or plans.


cabin beds for Indian homesCabin beds are multipurpose beds. They are similar to bunk beds with storage space below them. Similar to bunk beds, they help in saving space. They succeed in giving a feel of an own private space. Here single a bed is adjusted with cardboards and drawers and is mainly made of wood. It also saves space and can be a solution for small bedrooms.


Murphy bed is popularly used in hostels as it saves space. These beds can the folded vertically inside a cabinet when not in use. Murphy beds can also be fitted with storage space and drawers for a multipurpose use. These beds are often fitted with gas lifts to make it easy to use. You can check out Invisible Beds based out of bangalore if you are planning to buy murphy beds. These are ideal for space saving in your bedroom.


trundleTrundle is much like sofa bed again designed as a smart space saving furniture for your home. It consists of 2 beds. One lower and other upper. The upper bed is fixed. The lower bed is movable. It can be drawn out whenever required and slid back after use, saving space. The additional bed is slightly smaller than the main bed. Trundle beds are getting popular in Indian cities, especially Mumbai where space is the major constraint inside a home.


1. COT

cotCots are mainly designed for kids and toddlers. It has a high boundary, which ensures safety. Now-a-days, these cots are in other ways too. It is used as a beautifier to decorate the living space and can be also used as guest beds. As the very purpose of cot is to add beauty, one may choose by judging at the design and size. Large living spaces are suitable for keeping a cot.


Day beds are single beds are multipurpose beds. A divan can also be transformed into a day bed. It can be used as sofa and a guest bed. These are light weight and can be placed anywhere in the house, including balcony and window side.

Doral Daybed


Hanging Beds for Indian HomesHanging beds are cute, decorative and stylish. Only you need to do some little pre planning if you wish to get a hanging bed. It comes in varies sizes and material. The weight varies with material and it is tied to the ceiling with durable ropes or chains depending on its weight. It adds an artistic look to the house. Small hanging beds can be placed in the balcony or poolside or even in outdoor gardens.


outdoor beds for Indian homesOutdoor beds are specially designed from durable materials to adjust with changing weather. They come in various shapes and sizes. These beds can be kept outdoor as sitting spaces and is a beautiful option if you want to spend some leisure time, close to nature. They can be also kept at poolside and some varieties come with the additional option of hanging it.



aiAir beds are the modern solution to space and transportation problems. It comes in folded form and is transformed into a bed by inflating it. Air bed serves as the bed while air mattress is thinner one which can be used for lying on the floor. Air mattresses can also be used for layering on bed. It is a good alternative of camp cot while camping and travelling.


Adjustable beds are fitted with a mechanism which helps in changing the shape of the bed. It can be made flat, risen at the head side or turned into a sofa. Sometimes a storage panel is also provided with adjustable beds to increase its utility. Adjustable beds are mainly used in hospitals but now it is also in common man’s room as it can be used as per need.