We all deserve to live in a home that brings us joy – A home that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also serves our everyday purpose. We want a home that reflects our interests and stimulates us. You cannot build such a home by chance. It is created after careful exploration, deep planning and accurate execution. In other words they are the outcome of  the efforts of a good interior designer.

Interior designer
An art lover’s home designed to integrate his art collection without giving the feel of a museum on WSJ

A good interior designer will envision, plan and outfit a home to complement the architecture and create the desired mood. He/She is both an artist and an engineer – because the designer has to be well versed with both form and function.  He has to have a thorough knowledge of materials, budget, aesthetics, logistics, technical details and safety issues. Because of this all round role, even in the age of DIY and instant access to décor ideas, Interior designers have retained their relevance.Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, an interior designer will help you add great value.

Here are 15 reasons that will convince you about the importance of hiring an Interior Designer

1.To see beyond Cosmetic concerns 

Interior design
A no frills bedroom that reflects the client’s love for outdoor living designed by Studio lotus

Decorating a home is not only about what meets the eye. The elements around your home should be enabling you to live your lifestyle.  The spaces in your home should be designed to optimise every nook and corner. A designer will see not just appearance but how it fits with the functionality of the home. Accordingly, he can ensure that the end product will make the flow your day to day life smoother.

2.Time saver 

Interior designer
By adding a bold wallpaper the designer creates instant feel of luxury in no time.

Decorating a home demands a huge chunk of your time. You have to dedicate yourself into research, planning, acquisition and often replacement. This cannot be done effectively on a part-time basis. It will also eat away at your already limited time adding to the stress. If an interior designer is doing these for you – He/she will have better resources to manage. You can stay involved by giving inputs and feedback without worrying about getting things done.

3.Save Money 

Interior designer
Traditional Indian decor is achieved by repurposing the wooden furniture and frames by Miv watts

As contradictory as it seems on the surface hiring a professional will save you money! Most of the first time self-designers can’t comprehend the ergonomic flow and interaction amongst various elements in the home until they actually use it. They often end up replacing wrong sized furniture, mismatched paint colours, décor pieces that don’t fit in with the theme etc. An interior designer who is trained can pre-empt these mistakes, thus resulting in significant savings. A designer can also envision repurposing the pieces, which will again result in savings.

4.Quality for Money 

Interior design
The balcony is transformed into inspiring space by a combination of simple elements by orange Lane

All products are not equal. Just because it is costly or has a designer label, an accessory may not be the best fit for you. A designer can help you choose products that are better fit for your décor and use. He will help you ensure that products you buy are safe and endure long term use. As a professional he will have access to a huge database of options. He can help you zero in on product that is best suited for your requirement and meets your budget.

5.Stay on Budget 

interior designer
A house on budget where design depth comes from rich fabrics and lighting by morph

Usually a detailed budget with listings of projected expenses is submitted by the designer before starting the project. This will help you arrange your finances better and see clearly where you can cut down on expenses. He will also have a tracking mechanism that will help prevent overshooting the budget.


6.Custom Designs 

Interior designer
A custom house designed by Rajiv Saini that stands out with clean lines in the midst of a gated community

An interior designer can bring in customization tailored for your specific needs. This is especially useful in spaces like kitchens wherein every home’s needs vary considerably. If you have to design a space around you hobby, a designer can ensure that every element of it serves you to work at your best.

7.Qualified Workmen 

Interior designer
A central courtyard with labour intensive and larger than life mural by Studio lotus

A good interior designer has access to qualified and efficient workmen. This will help to get the high quality finishing that will lift the overall look of the home.  He will also know exactly who can bring your vision into life. So he will select right man for the right job – avoiding need of do overs.

8. Better Access to Resources

Interior designer
One of a kind stainless steel screen adds a 3 dimensional form without hindering the open theme in this apartment by Rajiv Saini

A designer will have access to trade only furniture and fabrics that are not available to the individual homeowners. He can generate wider options for your considerations within your budget. This will ensure that your compromises in the decorating process will be minimal.

9. Third Party Conflict Resolution 

Interior designer
A custom interior that strikes a happy balance between minimalism and love of nature by Kfir Galatia Azulay

The plethora of choices and different personalities involved often create disagreements among family members. The designer can be the voice of reason and help you navigate these stressful discussions. He can even come up with options that can accommodate wishes of both the partners. Décor involves a large human element and thus issues with workmen and traders. The interior designer can act as a buffer and save you the stress.

10. The Non Glamorous Details 

Interior Designer
Skylights bring plenty of sunlight making this home designed by  Spasm energy efficient

Decorating a house is not only about choosing beautiful fabrics and accessories. It often involves technical calculations and behind the scenes work. This could be daunting for the uninitiated. But designer has knowledge about technical specifications and can handle it efficiently. This is crucial for the functionality of the home.

11. Efficient scheduling 

Interior design
Streamlined kitchen by Greyscale design studio

Designing interiors involves a zillion tasks which have to be often done simultaneously. This can be overwhelming to manage for a novice on a part time basis. A designer will be able to set priorities and schedule the tasks so as to finish the project on time.

12. One of a Kind Décor 

Interior designer
A zen themed home enriched with natural elements and custom details by Aamir & Hamida

A designer brings ‘wow’ factor into the home. Your home will be a one of a kind which reflects your personality. At the same time it will be highly functional.  You will not have to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Even though he uses the factory produced elements, he will arrive at a combination that will result in a space that has your unique stamp.

13. Seeing the complete picture 

Interior designer
Decor that works with the unusual shape and bank of windows in the drawing room by Lipika Sud

We often fall in love with a piece of furniture or  alighting accessory or paint colour and make the impulsive decision to have it. And many times we find that it is either not ‘fitting in’ with the theme we have in mind. It could also not be ideal for the location of the home or climatic conditions. A designer will always have the larger picture and the final effect we are trying to achieve in sight. So he will choose each element ensuring harmony in the overall design.

14. Make the spaces work for you 

Interior Designer
A home designed by  orange Lane based on ‘back to roots’ philosophy’ – the marriage of heritage with new age design.

Whether you are building a house of undertaking a major renovation Interior designer can help you. If you are buying a readymade home/apartment wherein you cannot make major structural changes, designer can help you adapt it according to your needs. He can also help you create a combination of themes and adapt various styles to create a cohesive interior.

15. Working with a professional 

Interior design
A custom made creative space/office designed by Amber Interiors

We often confuse interior designer with interior decorator. Interior decorator arranges the space with fashionable accessories. Anyone with a keen eye can become a decorator.  He is concerned with the visual appeal. Whereas the designer aims to understand your behaviour and to create a functional space. Interior decorator is professionally trained in the art and science of design.Hiring an interior designer will help you achieve both form and functionality.

How to get the most from your Interior Designer –

Generally, interior designers are perceived to be working with only the elite. People erroneously believe they cost a lot of money. The majority have no idea how the process of collaboration between the homeowner and the interior designer works. People often falsely believe that the interior designers will inflict their décor style.

Interior designer
An open concept living, dining and kitchen tailored for the needs of the client by Amber interiors

In truth, what they do is to refine your ideas and help you get clarity about the kind of interior you want. Then they will find materials and workmen who can turn your vision into reality. The interior designers often work within a budget and strive to create a space that best meets your needs.

Here are some pointers that will help you get the most out of the interior designing process –

  • Do your homework – on the internet and magazines and get an idea about what kind of a space you like and feel comfortable in.
  • Involve your family – Make this a family project and let all family members contribute their inputs.
  • Involve the Designer from the beginning – Work with the interior designer from the planning stage itself. He can give valuable inputs to ensure the structure will meet your décor plan in the end. Changes like positions of windows etc. are much easier to change on paper.
  • Offer Info – Give the designer as much input as you can so that he can get a clear picture. This will help him in planning and execution of your ideas.
  • Have an open mind – Don’t dismiss any idea proposed by the interior designer out of hand. Live with it for a couple of days and make a decision. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.
  • Clear cut budget – Discuss beforehand about his charges and expenses in clear cut terms. Have a detailed and straight forward budget to avoid confusions in the future.
  • Tune up visits – Schedule tune up visits to update the décor .

Where to Find an Interior designer

Online directories are a great starting point to find an interior designer who meets your specifications. Have a look at the projects designed by him to get an idea about his work. Have a detailed discussion about your project before hiring his services. You could also ask your friends or relatives for a recommendation.

A good interior designer is not expenditure but an investment that will benefit you in the long-term. Do your research and find one to make your dream home a reality.