Doing some part of your interior design is not only fun but also adds your signature to the look and feel of your house. But mostly people get stuck at thinking ideas for doing. Hutstory is here to help. Here are some really awesome ‘do it yourself’ tricks that will help you give your apartment a really cool and trendy look.


1-Painted bottle vases:

The allure of the living room will be enhanced by such flower-vases. These vases are straightforward to create and can give your room an elegant and trendy look. Use any leftover paints in your house and make them in a step by step manner. These vases can hold pretty flowers and plants and can increase the natural ambience of your living room.



2-DIY coffee table:

You can construct your own coffee table with just simple methods. This is something that holds a lot more importance than any other thing in your living room. You need some pine boards and an easy step by step guide to make this attractive coffee table. With the assembling of wheels it can be easy to manoeuvre. This might be a simple looking table but it adds a lot of character to your living room given the colour and the design.



3- 3D geometric wall art:

This amazing 3-d wall art is something very trendy and cool to look at. This might look very difficult to make but on the contrary it is very easy to do. All you need are some wooden circles, acrylic craft paint, paintbrush, painter’s tape, thick dowel rods, small saw, wood glue, and sheet of 1/8″ – 1/4″ hardboard, hammer and nails, sawtooth picture hanger. The assembling can very easily be done after you are done making whatever design you feel will look great with the natural colour scheme of your living room. This will give a very designer look to your room and that too without spending a lot.




4-DIY knitted stools:

These stools are actually made from yarn and have some really easy knitting techniques that have been used in these. All you need to do is knit these stools in simple patterns and the best part is that they don’t cost much. They are very popular amongst the kids and the different lively colours you might use will add a pop culture to your living room. It will be a fun and interesting session to try your hands at the different techniques to make these soft cushiony stools.



5-Crochet tealight covers:

When the winters are advancing, you need something warm looking in your living room to feel warm. That is when these crochet tealight covers will come in handy. They can be used on a wine glass, coffee mug, water glass or even on your sleeves (in need). These crochet patterns in different colours will add a very happy mood to your living room. These crochet covers can also act as candle glass covers as they will add lot of patterns in your living room when dark.



6-Honeycomb shelves:

To get more space in less money is something we are always looking for. Here is this amazing honeycomb shelves system that adds character and some fun to your living room wall along with some space to put stuff in an organised manner. They can be very easily and innovatively used to make library shelves. It is a little involving considering the shape and the technicalities involved, but once done it will do a great job in adding an aesthetic appeal to your now boring and lifeless living room.



7-DIY rope rug:

This rope rug can be made as big as you want but you might want to consider the space of your living room to adjust it properly. This is made using rope which makes it more interesting and unique. This can take a few hours to make but the feel and the look of the rug will definitely make it worth it. This is a very comfortable rug but it is advised to not put a lot of furniture on it. The best place to keep this rug is on the living room floor where the finest details are visible.



8-Geese pillow covers:

Pillows are an integral part of your living room. They are known to make or break the living room aesthetics. A pretty looking pillow cover can make a dull looking living room fun and lively. This is a very fun project to work on because you can mix and match and customise the designs and the colours to fit the theme you want. The design is called geese pillow cover designs. You are reminded to get the right amount of cloth to match your pillow size in order to make the same pattern as shown.



9-Floating shelves:

Floating shelves are the new king in the market. This is said so because they take no space on the floor yet give the same amount of shelf space to the buyer. They are very simple to construct and can be done in an innovative manner without making it a boring project with dull and monotonous colours and designs. These shelves are very sturdy and you can easily store books or any other heavy material on it which increases the aesthetic appeal of your living room.



10-DIY pallet wall:

This is a fun project to engage in during your summer breaks. You can save a lot of money if your find leftover planks in any retailer’s shop and obtain them for free. These planks can give a mature look to your living room as compared to the colourless wall before. You can add shine to these planks by applying some of polish available in the stores near your place. This type of setup gives a very sophisticated and elegant look to your place and adds to the allure of your living room. It’s funny how just one wall can change the aura of your entire house.



11-Mason jar window treatment:

This treatment can make your windows look spectacular. This treatment helps in adding nature to your living room. Plants and flowers are known to add a positive environment to your living room. Anyone looking at your window from the inside will feel the glow and the change you have given to your living room. It is done by using jute and command hooks to hang jars from the window.



12-Crate bed:

If you are a pet person, then this is the thing for you. This is a very comfortable pet bed which can be kept in your living room. The design and the colour scheme of the crates and the overall look of the bed will be decided according to the general theme of your living room for it to fit in completely. This can be made using leftover planks and the wheels attached to it will not add much to the low budget decided. The final touch is to put a fluffy cover and a cushion to make your pet comfortable.



13-Reclaimed window coffee table:

This is modern contemporary table that integrates windows in it. This will be a fun project to work on as it involves the selection of which window to use. They are ingenious because they have a lot of space to store stuff. You can even use the space to create a pattern or design that goes with the overall theme and also adds flavour to the table. This table will definitely add a lot of style to your living room.



14-DIY drawer shelves:

One of the best DIYs ever is converting your waste drawers into shelves. These are very unique and give an antique feel to the entire house. If you are an antique fan, we suggest go and buy some really cheap but very old looking drawer handles and that will do its work of giving the rustic feel that you admire. These drawers are known to convert a plain wall into a beautiful and mesmerising sight to behold. You can also add some wall covers in the empty space behind the shelves to make it more pop artsy or exciting.



15-Leather sling planter:

This planter is used to suspend plants and flowers in your living room. This is a very innovative and well thought of method of involving plants in your living room and keeping them out of reach of small kids and pests. The construction of such a planter is extremely easy. At the end of the day it gives a very refreshing feel to the living room and to those sitting in it.



DIY projects are known to be the best way of recreating your house in very cheap and that’s the best way to do it. They add a lot of personal touches to your house and make it a better and a more comfortable place to live in. So what are you waiting for? Dig in the pile of junk you have to create something beautiful and useful.