Public toilets are a major issue these days. With every passing street there is this disgusting smell that catches your attention and then never leaves it. But to remove such notions we have architects who have built such beautiful and strikingly attractive toilets and they are ‘the’ place to visit now.

We have a list of 10 most creative public toilets that will leave you spell bound.


1-Sydney, Australia:

This toilet is a design of Lahz Nimmo architect and has a very natural touch to it. With every toilet present out there, which is almost hidden by something or the other, this toilet is something that stands out on the streets. The males and the females section are divided into two pavilions and are linked by a continuous roof on top. The wash basins are located in the central communal room which provides the user a unique experience and a beautiful view of the park. It also gives the user a sense of safety and a roof on the top when it rains.

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2-Uster, Switzerland:

This modern toilet is like a prototype of the new typology of urban structures that are being planned to be installed in various locations of the city during the coming year. The parametric design of its façade can adapt to changing building sizes and shapes and hence is considered as a futuristic design in today’s world. The varying angles of the light falling on different faces of this façade and the wide variety of colours used, creates a shimmering effect on the structure that changes according to the sun or the observer’s position.

GK Picture

GK Picture


3-Shimodate, japan:

A Tokyo based architecture group, Shuiichiro Yoshida, has created this sleek structure that stands between two buildings in japan. The surrounding locality faced the problem of having no lavatories and hence a residential artist volunteer group thought of such a design. They utilised the narrow space and made it a double heighted design. The triangular windows used are sufficient to flood the area with sufficient light. This toilet contains one wash basin and two cubicles.

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4-Austin, Texas:

This structure is not only a public toilet but also acts as a structure that enhances the aesthetic appeals of the surrounding areas. It is designed by Miro Rivera architects and stands on Colorado River in Austin. It consists of 49 steel plates whose size and width varies significantly. The panels are put together along a spine that curls to form the restroom wall. The size of the panel varies to allow the coming of fresh air and light to keep the aura positive inside the restroom.

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This restroom is a five metres tall structure that has a gold perforated metal façade. It stands in the centre of the newly designed area on Wembley, London.  The perforated sheet gives the view of flowing water in the evening. However throughout the day, a shiny metal sheet on the top allows fresh air and enough sunlight to enter the washroom and does not let the inside views visible outside.

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6-London (and other places):

The approach behind the design of this public toilet in London by Urilift was to decrease street violence and public urination. The toilet is such that it rises from the ground during night hours and sinks in the ground during the day time to create more space on the streets. Urinating in public was objected by the residents and business officials and hence this design by given by Urilift. This toilet is installed in over 100 locations including London,  Amsterdam, Colchester and reading.

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This day urinal is a green initiative that can be used in public events like festivals, camping, sports events, etc. it is a simple folded utensil that can be slotted into hay bales fro an easy and a comfortable access loo. There is no surity in how easily women can use the loo however the idea is extremely innovative and eco-friendly. By combining  carbon(straw) and nitrogen (human urine), manure is created. Once it gets converted to compost, it can also be used for plants.

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8-Wellington, New Zealand:

This toilet is often called as a armour plated insect or robotic dinosaur by how it looks. Along with making a very strong style statement, their loos are known to be very practical, innovative and comfortable. The design takes into account security, hygiene and vandalism. The brief of the design was to create an unusual form that catches attention, is iconic and also related to the historical picture of the place.

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This transparent toilet in Switzerland is the most unique and nerve-wracking structure ever seen. This toilet is such made that the walls that are originally transparent walls turns opaque only after locking the gate from inside. This works by electricity going through the LCD privacy walls when transparent and none going when it is opaque. This toilet was originally made as a social experiment that tests the courage of the users. However this also looks at the safety of people who are not in their conscious state. The designer says that if the user does not leave the space within ten minutes, the doors automatically open and walls turn transparent.




10-Aurland, Norway:

This toilet is known to have a breath-taking view. It is situated at the edge of a cliff creating a very dramatic effect for those using it. The users can look outside but there is no chance for anyone to peek in because the toilet is painted in heavy black which gives it a very contrasting look from the green and blues of the surroundings.




Such amazing structures have been built that it takes a second to take in the beauty we are surrounded with. Such toilets have decreased cases of public urination and have increases hygiene in almost all the location mentioned. What else can we want for the world right?