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Space Management 1.0 – Make small spaces appear big

Space has always been a problem posed in the field...


Zaha Hadid and Her Notable Works

Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China Resembling two smooth boulders basking in the river bank of...

Pyramid of Khufu and phi

The Golden Ratio in Architecture

What do you think a ‘perfect’ rectangle is? Do not answer in terms of scientific...

vaastu from hut story

Vaastu – The Vedic Building Science

  Vaastu is the ancient Vedic science of buildings. Vaastu or elaborately Vastu Shaastra explains...


Make Your Home Festive Ready

As festivals are round the corner, we know, everyone is eager to make their homes...


A Guide to Indian Doors

Why are they important? Doors form a necessary part of every residence and building. They are the links and connections...


Custom Furniture V/s Readymade Furniture

We are living in the age of identity. Everything we own is a reflection of...


Island in the Kitchen.

If you are unknown to the term kitchen island-it is a small raised platform, as high as a table placed...

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